Professional Dog Training in Waller, TX

Dogs are so incredible for their intelligence, unconditional love, and willingness to learn-but they don’t come pre-packaged with all the skills they need. Just like humans, dogs need to be taught what they should and shouldn’t do. Our dog training programs are designed to teach the important habits, obedience skills, and house manners that make the perfect family companion out dogs of any breed or age.

Do you feel lucky if your dog comes on the fifth call? Do you ever feel like you’re the one being walked? Have you ever had to apologize to guests for your dog jumping up on them? The professional, proven training programs at Kickapoo Ranch Pet Resort were designed with families like yours in mind.

Behavior challenges can drive a wedge between a pet and their humans. The leading cause of owner surrender to animal shelters is difficulty controlling or reducing behavior concerns. Unfortunately, at the Humane Society of Central Texas alone, almost 750 dogs were surrendered by their owners in 2019.

My name is Scott Bleau, I have over 25 years of Dog training experience. I am an Iraq War Veteran and worked as a Military Working Dog Trainer, Handler, and Kennel Master. I have had dogs my entire life and love to see how dog training changes dogs behaviors. Here at Kickapoo Ranch Pet Resort, we use a well balance training method. Every dog is different and we modify training for each and every dog.

Catarena is our lead Dog Trainer. She has been amazing since she joined the Kickapoo Ranch Pet Resort Dog team. She has been mentored by myself. She has gained years off knowledge in a short time. Catarena has a 95 percent success rate with her dog training. Catarena has 3 dogs, A German Shepherd and 2 Belgian Malinois’s.

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Customized Dog Training Programs

Since every dog is unique, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to proper training. Every canine student at Kickapoo Ranch Pet Resort starts their program with a training evaluation. One of our training team members meets you and your dog to discuss your training challenges and goals. At the same time, they help determine the most effective approach for you.

All of our programs are designed and proven to:

1. Improve your dog’s obedience and manners knowledge in a comprehensible, positive way they’ll enjoy

2. Give you and your family the skills you need to reinforce training at home

3. And provide ongoing support and coaching to ensure lasting results

We specialize in introducing and reinforcing the most important obedience commands including sit, stay, down, leave it, come, and more. We’ll also work with your pet on behaviors like walking on the leash, greeting guests politely, and social skills with people and other dogs.

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Stay & Train Program

This popular training program provides an immersive training experience while your furry loved one enjoys a lodging stay at our resort. While you travel for vacation, work, or any other reason, we’ll ensure your dog will have a new set of skills to show off when you return.

Like an inclusive sleepaway camp, Stay & Train includes:

  • Private, comfortable overnight accommodations in our climate-controlled facility
  • Multiple training sessions each day, tailored for your training goals and needs
  • Fun daily activity sessions with playgroups or with a caregiver
  • Daily wellness checks
  • One-on-one private lessons upon departure
  • Take-home exercises and resources
  • Ongoing training support from our team

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Dog Training FAQ

What skills will my dog learn at Kickapoo Ranch Pet Resort?Expand

Our training programs are ideal for learning core obedience skills such as sit, down, stay, come, and others. We’ll also teach your pet important manners like leash walking, greeting, and impulse control. We can effectively train most other specific goals you may have in mind.How do I book a training evaluation?Expand

Just give us a call! We’ll set up a FREE training evaluation for you and your dog to meet one of our experienced training team. You’ll get acquainted, discuss your training goals, and explore the solutions that would work best for you.How many days of training should I book for Stay & Train/Play & Train?Expand

Consistency and repetition are key in cementing new skills in your dog’s mind. For this reason, more days of training in a short period of time will give you the best possible results. We offer training packages in increments of 5, 10, and 15 days, and you can add on as many individual days as you like.My dog is older. Will they still benefit from training?Expand

Absolutely! There’s no such thing as a dog who is too old to train. While starting training early in a dog’s life gives them the best foundation, the right amount of patience and consistency can help dogs of any age master new skills.Do you offer puppy training?Expand

Yes! It’s important to train puppies at their formative age to most easily help them grow into their best possible adult selves. We offer special training programs designed to help your puppy learn basic obedience, a healthy routine, and critical social skills with other pups.